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Welcome to the Kill All Uglies Wiki. This wiki is dedicated to covering the activities of the British hatemonger, Leon, known as "kill-all-uglies".

Who is kill-all-uglies?

Kill-all-uglies is a British cacophobic individual who has engaged in extreme hatemongering and genocidal fascism over so-called "ugly looking people". He has committed multiple crimes under this motivation. To find out more about him, check out the page about Leon.

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Featured Article: 22-09

22/09 is a date that is "special" to Leon, and dated event which Leon had threatened to commit a "purge" of ugly people from his hometown, although he has since abandoned the plans.

Leon constantly reiterated that he is planning to do some large scale plan on this date of 22/09; September 22nd . He had directly indicted that this plan involves the hurt and/or murder of "ugly people", and has called it his "purge". Leon claimed hat as of early August, he is prepping for this. On August 13, however, Leon announced that he had abandoned the plans. Him being "actually serious" about them and sincerely committing himself to committing a massacre had been one of the things that had snapped him into awareness over how deranged he had gotten.

Although many people have reported Leon to the police, and even to the UK home office as a terrorist, Leon seemed confident that he will not be caught before 22/09. Leon's threats to "purge" ugly people and commit a mass-shooting terror attack are severe crimes in and of themselves, and will likely land Leon in severe trouble, should he ultimately get caught.

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